About Me

As a transplant from Buffalo, NY, I received my first big tastes of the great outdoors of the West after a pair of cross country road trips in 2009 and 2010. After moving to Los Angeles for medical school, I started to explore my interest in hiking, and ultimately spent way too much time planning my next adventures into the Sierras, San Gabriels, and beyond.

When I learned I would be moving to Phoenix for residency at the Mayo Clinic, my first reaction (literally) was to start looking at the next set of outdoor adventures. However unlike Southern California, where you can find 50 write ups on an obscure peak in the San Gabriels, Arizona (aside from a few notable exceptions) was a bit more sparse. Thus led to the creation of this blog, with the major goals being:

1.) Create fairly detailed trip reports of some of the more obscure and challenging mountains in Arizona and beyond.

2.) Expose the beauty and adventure that can be had in the Sonoran Desert.

3.) Let my family and friends keep tabs on me 🙂


This site is early in it’s infacy, and I’m open to any suggestions you may have for improvement. Just leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


-Christopher Czaplicki


  • Elliot Raimondo Reply

    Great idea and website Chris. I love how you have legitimized and made it convenient for me to creep on you.

    • Christopher Czaplicki Reply

      I did this all for you brother 🙂

  • Mark Reply

    Set as homepage: check.

  • Jacqueline Kaari Reply

    I am looking for a speaker on wilderness medicine and outdoor activity safety got a conference for pediatricians on April 16 in Phoenix. is that something you might be interested in. Please send me an email at kaari@rowan.edu. Thanks. Jacqueline Kaari

  • Robert Bozik Reply

    I hiked Gavilian Peak this morning, and when I came home I noticed your blog. I didn’t see the route to the summit like you explained, but I would really like to reach the summit. Please email me if you get a chance! Thanks, Robert

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  • Jernel Reply

    Mmmm, I rarely ever comment on anything, but this guy seems legit.

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