Grand Canyon Summits

While mountaineering and the Grand Canyon don’t quite seem like a natural fit, there are well over 100 summits sprinkled throughout this extraordinary canyon, from sandstone buttes and spires to giant limestone pyramids. Whether you’re looking for solitude or just a new way to experience the Grand Canyon, there are a number of great summits to choose from.


Summit NameMileageElevation GainCrux
The Battleship9.01,900'Class 3
Escalante and Cardenas Buttes9.23,200'Class 3
Kibbey Butte2.21,200'Class 3
Cheops Pyramid and Plateau25.011,100'Class 4
Cedar Mountain8.61,900'Class 2
Coronado Butte4.22,400'Class 3
Mount Huethawali and Fiske Butte14.04,550'Class 3
Fossil Mountain2.0800'Class 2
Red Butte Mountain3.0920'Class 1
Saddle Mountain and Marion Point12.06,050'Class 3
Little Dragon4.11,360'Class 2
Oza Butte and Widforss Overlook13.53,800'Class 3
Berry Butte6.12,900'Class 3
Grandview Benchmark2.8400'Class 1
O'Neill Butte4.92,010'Class 5.0