Grand Canyon Summits

While mountaineering and the Grand Canyon don’t quite seem like a natural fit, there are well over 100 summits sprinkled throughout this extraordinary canyon, from sandstone buttes and spires to giant limestone pyramids. Whether you’re looking for solitude or just a new way to experience the Grand Canyon, there are a number of great summits to choose from.


Name Class (I-V) Elevation Gain Mileage
The Battleship Class III 1,900' 9.0
Escalante and Cardenas Buttes Class III 3,200' 9.2
Kibbey Butte Class III 1,200' 2.2
Cheops Pyramid and Plateau Class IV 11,100' 25.0
Cedar Mountain Class II 1,900' 8.4
Coronado Butte Class III 2.400' 4.2
Mount Huethawali and Fiske Butte Class III 4,550' 14.0
Fossil Peak Class II 800' 2.0
Red Butte Mountain Class I 920' 3.0
Saddle Mountain and Marion Point Class III 6,050' 12.0
Little Dragon Class II-III 1,360' 4.1
Oza Butte and Widforss Overlook Class III 3,800' 13.5
Berry Butte Class III 2,900' 6.1
Grandview Lookout Class I 400' 2.8
O'Neill Butte Class 5.easy 2,010' 4.9