Tonto and Superstition Summits

The Superstitions. No range in Arizona is as rugged or instills such a palpable sense of adventure. Most of the deeper summits involve intense desert cross country, with rewards of solitude and raw Sonoran beauty.

Summit NameDistanceElevation GainCrux
Mazatzal Peak13.24,300'Class 2
Mount Peeley5.31,600'Class 2
Superstition Peak8.33,800'Class 3
Battleship Mountain17.23,650'Class 3
Picketpost Mountain5.12,600'Class 3
The Hand3.21,050'Class 5.6
Four Peaks6.42,800'Class 3-4
The Flatiron6.73,500'Class 3
Miners Summit9.82,500'Class 2
Geronimo Head5.22,350'Class 2
Weavers Needle8.23,400'Class 5.0
Pine Mountain10.93,400'Class 1-2
Fremont Peak6.31,980'Class 3
Pass Mountain5.02,000'Class 3